HAI HELI-EXPO isn’t just the largest helicopter trade show and exposition in the world. It’s also an opportunity to attend classes and sessions specifically designed to help helicopter industry professionals learn new skills, keep up with technical developments, renew professional certifications, and improve on-the-job safety. See the table below for a brief comparison of the different educational opportunities at HAI HELI-EXPO. Scroll down to read more about each type of HAI HELI-EXPO educational opportunity.

Professional Education Courses

Rotor Safety Challenge

Manufacturer Technical Briefings

IA Renewal

FAA Continuing Education, and Other Credits

Educational Opportunities at HAI HELI-EXPO: At a Glance



Duration & Timing

Preparation & Materials

Possible Outcomes

Professional Education Courses (Instruction/Training)
Study a topic in depth to develop relevant skills and competencies – Primarily fee-based –Requires separate registration in additional to HAI HELI-EXPO registration – Half-day to multiday – Usually scheduled immediately before or after HAI HELI-EXPO – Syllabus – Curriculum – Instruction format – Presentation – Workbook /handouts – Certificate of completion – Credit toward IA renewal – Credit toward flight instructor certificate – FAA Wings/AMT credit
Rotor Safety Challenge Sessions (Presentations)
Inform or provide awareness regarding a specific safety-related topic – Free to registered HAI HELI-EXPO attendees and exhibitors – No additional registration is required – 1 hour – Usually scheduled on show days – Presentation – 1-page handout – FAA Wings/AMT credit – Rotor Safety Challenge certificate of achievement (6 or more sessions attended)
Manufacturer Technical Briefings (Presentations)
Present current maintenance and technically related product information – Free to registered HAI HELI-EXPO attendees and exhibitors – No additional registration is required – 55 minutes – Usually scheduled on show days – 50-minute presentation – 5-minute Q&A session – Credit toward IA renewal

Professional Education Courses

HAI Professional Education courses provide helicopter-specific training for pilots, maintenance technicians, managers, and safety professionals who want to improve their skills in career development, safety, piloting, maintenance, or management. Learn more about schedules, registration, and fees on the Professional Education page. Descriptions of individual courses can be obtained from links on the Courses at a Glance page.

Rotor Safety Challenge

The Rotor Safety Challenge offers pilots, maintenance technicians, and other aviation professionals safety tools and techniques that can be applied back on the job. The Challenge will feature more than 54 free safety education events at HAI HELI-EXPO 2015. New this year: some sessions will be repeated to allow more attendees to participate, and some sessions have been extended for more in-depth, interactive learning.

Manufacturer Technical Briefings

Offered annually at HAI HELI-EXPO, these one-hour briefings provide a forum for airframe and engine manufacturers to present current maintenance and technical product information to maintenance professionals. The 2015 Manufacturer Technical Briefings schedule is online.

IA Renewal

Many Professional Education courses and the Manufacturer Technical Briefings are accepted by the FAA for credit toward renewal of your inspection authorization (IA) certificate.

FAA Continuing Education and Other Credits

HAI HELI-EXPO offers a variety of opportunities for helicopter aviation professionals to receive career-related credit, both before and during the show:

Flight Instructor Certificate Renewal: Upon successful completion of the helicopter-specific Flight Instructor Refresher Course, students will receive authorization for renewal of their certificates

FAA WINGS and AMT Credit: By attending some of the Professional Education courses and many of the Rotor Safety Challenge events, learners may obtain credit for these FAA programs; register at to receive credit

Other Aviation Professional Credit: Professional Education courses offered at HAI HELI-EXPO are often approved to confer credit by other aviation-related professional organizations. This will be on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of the instructor.